Wave Media COVID-19 Update


  • Times are uncertain and stressful, but please play your small part in keeping our community healthy and safe!

  • Support your local small businesses, they need you now more than ever!

You are probably overwhelmed with the constant discussion of the novel coronavirus in the news alerts, press statements, travel bans, shelter-in-place orders, stressful experiences at the grocery stores, and the like. Unfortunately, this is the foreseeable reality of our situation in the United States as public health officials advise us all on measures to quickly “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of COVID-19 to protect our most vulnerable citizens. At Wave Media, we are actively practicing self-quarantining measures and share your stress and concern in these times. We feel that it is the responsibility of our team to take the utmost precautions in our daily lives because we are the generation most prone to spread COVID-19 and the least likely to display symptoms.

Finally, the millennials are taking some responsibility! Now, your turn.

As a small business, we want to encourage our readers to engage in practices that will help sustain our local economy. It’s time to rally behind our community.

  • Get it to go – Order from your favorite local restaurants and bars via delivery service, to-go, or curbside pick-up. Don’t be afraid to take that date night on the road for some carry-out! Check out some metro Detroit favorites here.

  • Buy in advance – Purchase gift cards or book services from local businesses to use at a later date. Anticipating an oil change? What about a haircut?

  • Follow along – Find your favorite watering hole on social media and share their content to show your support. One shared post can go a long way!

  • Ask how you can help – Do not hesitate to email or call your favorite watering hole to see if there is anything you can do to better their business during these times.

  • Shop small online – Buy from your favorite boutique or bakery online.

  • Be thankful – Many business owners and workers are risking their health to keep their doors open, send a thank you note to show your appreciation.

Most Importantly: Stay healthy, stay educated, and for now please stay quarantined!

Wave Media is committed to the health of our community. Questions about COVID-19 and its impact on small businesses, our economy, or our foreseeable future? Contact Kennedy, our in-house health law novice and resident law student at Loyola University Chicago at kennedy.wavemedia@gmail.com.

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