The Beginning of Wave Media

Updated: Mar 31, 2021


How Wave was started

Quitting my job with no back up plan

Always bet on yourself

Just do it

“Be yourself for a living.”

Joe Rogan

Alright most of you are probably wondering how we got here. I, Ryan Dewan, am here to tell you exactly how. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How on God’s green Earth did this kid go from sleeping through senior year finance to running his own business?” I’ll give you the short answer, I did exactly what Mr. Joe Rogan (what up Joe!) said (up top) well before he was quoted saying it.

Now for the long answer. I started the beginning of Wave almost a year ago today, when I quit my job working for a large, national plumbing company. In my exit interview my supervisor had asked me, “What’s your reason for leaving and what are you doing next?” So I told him, “I’m starting my own business.” The truth was I had no clue what I was doing. I left that job because I had spent a year doing something I didn’t want to do and new very early on that I wasn’t going to do that for the rest of my life. In the construction world you spend a lot of time and company cash learning tricks of the trade in order to advance your license and approved skill level. I was at a fork in the road where, had I stayed any longer the company was about to pay a shiny dime for a few classes I would’ve had to take. I asked myself, “Given the opportunity to take that money and sign up for any classes or certifications that I would actually want to learn, what kind of classes would they be?” And I’ll tell ya what, none of them were plumbing classes.

This was the first time I had really thought about investing in myself for the long run. I decided right then and there that if I were going to take anymore classes or learn any new subjects it was going to go towards my dreams and my vision. So I left and let them know I was starting my own business on the way out. Once those words came out of my mouth it almost came to life and I was instantly motivated to start doing the research of what I was interested in learning and how I could apply it to make money. I had recently gotten into photography and had spent a lot of that year learning about social media. I thought, why not put the two together and start a one-stop shop for businesses seeking social media services.

This thought lead me down a long, dark hole of researching the rise of social media, it’s current state, the relationship between it and businesses, and why it was so important to take advantage of. These are all topics that I want to cover in the following blog posts but for now, just know that the answers lead to my justification of starting my own business. What I found is that (1) social media is severely undervalued, (2) businesses do not nearly use it as much as they should and (3) there are a lot of different ingredients that make up “social media.” Realizing all this I started to formulate a plan for building a business that could service all of the ingredients that a business’s social media would need. For example, if a business needed help with their website, wants to run some facebook ads, but also wants to produce a weekly YouTube mini-series, then instead of going to 3 different companies or paying for 3 different software tools they could just use us. A full service digital marketing team that has your business’s back. That’s how we started out on the path we’re on today. It all started by making the decision to be myself, believe in myself, and decide to play the long game. Do I have it all figured out? Hell no. But if you have an idea and you believe in it then all you have left to do is send it. Nobody wants to look back later in life and wonder “what if.” Stay true to yourself and find a way to make some money doing it.

Ride the Wave

-Ryan Dewan

P.S. For my next blog… The Rise of Social Media duh duh duhhhh!