Our Blog

Hi, I’m Tanner and welcome to our Our Blog :-)

But it wouldn’t be anybody’s blog if it wasn’t one body’s blog first, so thanks to our Super Friends at Wave Media who have graciously given me the reins of their blog (at least until I most likely fail miserably and/or lead to the total and inevitable destruction of their company, livelihood, and lives…) and have given me free rein to do anything ~creative~ that I want with it!

HOWEVER, I’ll be the first to admit that doing anything creative isn’t as fun when you don’t have creative friends to do it with SO with that in mind (and also because I hate listening to myself talk (or in this case, reading myself write)), I am hoping that this is my first and last post on Our Blog BUT that’s not gonna happen without a little help from my previously mentioned friends.

In other words, every week from now until the end of the world (which could be sooner than later these days so no time to waste!), we plan to publish a new piece of writing from somebody new about whatever the heck they want to write about.

Which means I want to hear from YOU! And YOU too! And also YOU back there in the back!!! Well not YOU you, but the YOU next to you… Ok fine, also YOU! Yes, ALL of YOU!!!

I don’t care if you’re a many times published writer, a never before published waiter, an all-A’s student, a student just going to class to get by, an exotic zoologist whose favorite animal is a miniature horse, an Olympian gymnast whose favorite trick is on the pommel horse, or a friggin dang witch, wizard, or warlock! If you can string 6 words into a sentence and make them sound nice enough, then I want to read your nice enough 6-word sentence and hopefully publish it right here on Our Blog.

But more importantly, I want to pay you for whatever we publish so don’t think you’ll be writing for us for free! With their bottomless love, support, and wallets, the Wave Media Super Friends are also (some may say irresponsibly) giving me a little bit of a “budget” for this blog, and while I can’t promise the most money you’ve ever been paid, I will make sure you leave our creative abode a little more wealthy than you arrived and that’s a Tanner-C-Guarantee!

But now I’m writing too much which means you’re reading too much which means you’re not writing too much at all and that’s not gonna help any of us very much at all now will it?

So without further ado, let me officially open the gates and now please start sending, smoke signaling, or carrier pigeoning me whatever you want to get published on Our Blog ASAP as possible!

(you can also email me at tannercipriano@gmail.com if your carrier pigeons are taking a nap)

P.S. cuz T.L.D.R. Our Blog is taking weekly creative submissions to start publishing immediately AND we will pay you a little bit of money as soon as we publish whatever you write, make, or fabricate!!!