Mind Control: David Goggins Style

Updated: May 5, 2020

Podcast: https://youtu.be/UcofO2jUjB0


- Wave Media quote of the week “When you fall down, focus on the solution, not the problem.”

- Learn to master your mind and seek suffering by laboring your weaknesses into strengths - just like our man David Goggins

- More on David here at his website and he’s on powerful JRE…. Twice.

Each time you start a new endeavor in life, do you wonder, “Can I really do this?” Starting school, making friends, finding an internship, or committing to athletic goals all present the same innate feelings in our respective minds: self-doubt. (more on this)

Background: David Goggins is the first Navy Seal to endure three hell weeks in one year. For those who don’t know, Hell Week is the fourth week of Navy Seal basic conditioning. Students train for five days and five nights consecutively with a maximum total of four hours of sleep. After graduating from Seal Training, Goggins served in Iraq and has gone onto run more than 60 ultra marathons over 100 miles each (including the Badwater 500). Okay so… he’s some super freak who I can’t possibly compare to, right? David Goggins was worse off than you were in your mid-twenties. At 28 years old, David weighed 297 pounds and had a job spraying for cockroaches. David grew up in an abusive home with both learning and medical disabilities. He turned it all around in 3 months, overcame self-doubt, lost over 100 pounds for the Navy Seal weight mandate, and went on to accomplish the accolades laid out above. Seriously read or listen to this dude’s story...

(back to the self-doubt) What is something you currently doubt about yourself? Do you think you’re not smart enough to finish school, undeserving of a promotion, can’t start your own business? David argues (and Wave Media agrees) that our minds are conditioned to doubt in order to avoid suffering. Makes sense.

Here at Wave Media, we urge those loyal readers who’ve entered this 4th paragraph to mindfully target your weaknesses, embrace the suffering, and work relentlessly until you convert weakness into a strength. For example, not a single member of Wave Media was qualified to start this business when we submitted our LLC paperwork. Ken never built a website, Ryan wasn’t a pro on Adobe, and I barely passed accounting 101. I will be the first to admit I doubted myself (mostly Ryan) when we first discussed the idea of Wave Media. “No way” “We can’t actually do this” “I don’t know anyone else starting their own business.” “ In Goggins book, Can’t Hurt Me, he stressed the importance of engaging in suffering, mastering your mind, and unlocking your full human potential academically, athletically, or monetarily. The term he uses while embracing suffering is “callusing your mind” and I’ll admit that gets me fired up. It really works and I challenge each and every reader to pick one weakness out and share an update with us on social media of you working with #RideTheWave & #CantHurtMe. Since starting Wave Media, we’ve embraced our weaknesses, improved our content, and grew to 6+ clients with thousands of dollars in sales. What will your story be?

If you’re interested in David Goggin’s please follow the links above and if you want to chat more with us about your personal and business goals... please do! We’re always here to listen

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