i’ve got nine words for you: i’ve got three words for you: my head hurts

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

by: Grace Guibert

i grind my teeth of you. 

like a book, i am in and

out of you. goosebumps at the 

nighttime holler. why

am i crying?

like a book, i am sitting

self-consciously. i am in and 

out of remembering. arranged

to convey and also at the same time knowing 

your arrangement.

i grind my teeth of

you and i have a headache.

like a book, my spine is cracking and

also unlike a book my jaw

is clenched.

i am so mad from

my corner shelf (like

a book, i am propped) up and out 

of you. haha remember dancing?

angled toward production but

not the fun kind.

i slant my neck of you.

like a book, i am wide open and also literally screaming all the time


Grace is a full-time narrative designer and spare-time sometimes poem writer in Seattle, Washington. This is Grace’s first contribution to Our Blog but we hope she comes back again soon! Until then, you can hear more from her on Twitter at @yo_guibert and see more from her on Instagram at @yo_guibert