E.Q.U.A.L: Wave Media Statement on Systemic Racism and Path Forward

As we collect our thoughts after a month of outrage, pain, fear, and reflection, we write to the Wave Media family with a sense of hope that things will truly begin to change in our community and country. Wave Media has a newfound commitment to not only oppose racism, but to be actively anti-racist. We support bold and decisive action to end the acts of systemic discrimination as our American tradition allows for public assembly and free speech to seek positive and peaceful change. Wave Media also supports those law enforcement officers who make a conscious effort each day to treat everyone with respect while keeping our neighborhoods safe. Now more than ever, we must also recall Dr. King’s assertion that, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As small business owners, Wave Media also recognizes the senseless destruction of this past month to store fronts and personal property that will be difficult to rebuild. Such violence is an offense to the rule of law and the justice we strive for. Wave Media condemns those who fan the flames of violence and manipulate the current unrest for their own ends.

We started Wave Media with the goal of connecting local businesses, schools, nonprofits, and charities with community members that could benefit most from their services. We strive to foster an environment where people are valued and appreciated across cultural, class, political, ability, and racial divides. While we believe we have made great inroads in the right direction, we also understand we can continue to evolve and advance ideals of inclusivity.

With knowledge comes power, so we have asked that all employees at Wave Media partake in an Implicit Bias training so we may address our complex perspectives on an individual level before we move forward as a company. Implicit Biases are the unconscious attribution of particular qualities to a member of a certain social group. Implicit stereotypes are shaped by experience and based on learned associations between particular qualities and social categories, including race and/or gender.

We encourage our Wave Media family, clients, and followers to partake in this brief 5-10 minute assessment created by Harvard researchers to better understand how YOUR unique life experiences shape the way you perceive others different from yourself. Finally, stay tuned for more updates on Wave Media’s long-term strategy to fight racism.

E motions – feel it

Q uantify – find it

U nderstand – figure out

A ction – foster it

L asting impact – finalize it

Implicit Bias Training Link

Wave Media welcomes any and all feedback during these uncertain times. Please reach out to Kennedy at kennedy.wavemedia@gmail.com for more information on implicit bias or for any questions, comments, or concerns about Wave Media community involvement.