A Curated Darkness

by: Jessica Siciliano

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but the moments of pause and reflection this year have really allowed me the space to channel my artistry and love for nature, and find peace in the calm that it offers. Fall is my favorite season of all time. It’s a lovely reminder of how beautiful it can be to let things go, and that where there is death there is life. Battling anxiety - which has certainly been heightened by the events of this year, I began realizing that the only place I could calm my nerves was when I submerged and distracted in nature. I would walk through state parks and go into the forested areas and suddenly the world stood still. I was surrounded by leaves that sparkled as they fell, trees that whispered as they danced, and a subtle darkness that made whatever was stressing me out suddenly disappear. That’s where my love for dark nature photography emerged. I work full-time as a real estate agent averaging about 70 hours per week. I’m utterly grateful to be busy and be connected with so many wonderful people that I else-wise wouldn’t get the chance to meet if it weren’t for my job, but at times it’s a juggling act to find the perfect balance of “go-time” and “quiet-time”. I am always jumping from meeting to meeting, chatting on the phone and texting throughout the day, and keeping up with social media interactions, so it’s a lot of consistent mental stimulation. I believe in order to be our best, we have to know when it’s time to unplug, and that’s exactly how I became more and more attached to photography and editing. Admittedly, battling the unprecedented events and chaos of 2020 left my mood somber and dismal at times, and you can feel that in my edits. Although dark and sometimes dreary, there is something so beautiful and comforting about the darkness. Perhaps that's the lesson all along. Without the darkness we would never see the stars. Embracing sorrow and suffering amplifies gratitude and resiliency. We all have to have at least one that helps us find our center and be still. Every one of us are fighting a battle that others may know nothing about, so be kind, be calm, and do something every single day that comforts your soul.


When not photographing spooky trees and pretty leaves, Jessica finds fulfillment in real estate as a partner in the The Siciliano Group (click link for their site!). As a realtor, Jessica lives to serve others and to make their dreams come true. She has also worked with our team personally to facilitate our real estate needs and we are proud to say she made us feel less like clients, and more like family. If you have compliments for her photos or inquiries about real estate, please email her at Jessica@WeAreDOBI.com or call her at 248-506-8776. If you want to see more from Jessica on social media, find her on Instagram at @TheSicilianoGroup and @curateddarkness