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Wave Music is a side-project of ours that we've been developing in the background. Our vision for this project is two-fold, aimed to establish a hub of education for those who don't have some fancy degree in music or maybe don't have access to vital pieces of equipment.


We plan to start with loads of educational content to aid people on the journey to pursuing a career in music. Music has become a readily accessible opportunity to take, but it is an opportunity increasingly more complex with the ever-changing technology used to make music. We want Wave Music to be a beacon of light attracting every person trying to understand music production and distribution.


The second phase of Wave Music is to give our audience a physical rallying point where they can come network with other artists, use professional equipment in an optimized studio space, and receive valuable consultation to find ways to get their music heard.


It may sound similar, but our goal with Wave Music isn't to make a record label. Our bottom line is giving people access to a network of similar people who are at similar stages in their career. It's so hard to make the journey by yourself or without the direction of a mentor. The artist who becomes a part of the Wave Music family is the Luke Skywalker of the story. We are Yoda. We know what it takes, only you can accomplish it.   

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