International Marketing Group


International Marketing Group is a sales service company that specializes in aluminum extrusions, specialty wire formations, structural steel, heavy fabrication, and metal stamping dies. One of the cool things about IMG is that although they work on an international scale, they focus more on bringing solutions to American companies, giving them means to work internationally. We were able to work with IMG to get them a new website, a new logo and increase their sales with some email marketing strategies. 

There are two other businesses that operate under the umbrella of IMG: IPS and IMP.

International Packaging Supplies, or IPS, works with its clients to find cost-efficient, reliable, in-bulk solutions. From disinfectant wipes to strapping kits, IPS provides a range of products for all of your industrial packaging needs.


International Machining & Prototyping (IMP) is a business more like its parent, IMG. IMP works to open doors for clients who need machined or prototyped steels. Their process starts with a block of steel that is machined down to the specifications of the blueprint their client sent them. If you look at some of the work they've done already, it is truly stunning how intricate and oddly beautiful their results are. 

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