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Causes & Philanthropy

Trying to leave this world better than we found it.

In Causes & Philanthropy, you'll find that we use our talents for more than just business and content. We're here to make a difference in the world and these are some of the projects we not only support but run. 

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Brews 4 Backpacks

The 3rd Edition

Brews 4 Backpacks is the official philanthropy of Wave Media. The Mission of B4B is to provide our homeless brothers and sisters in Detroit backpacks that could change their lives.

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The B4B Story

Why and how it started.

We started Brews 4 Backpacks back in 2018. It began with a desire to make even the slightest difference in the Detroit homeless community.


...annnd with an idea that turned holiday get-togethers into philanthropic campaigning we raised over $3.7k, collected more than 7k cans

and distributed 120 survival packs. Our goal for this project is to provide necessary items to those who need them the most. With hope that one day, at least one person’s life will be changed, thanks to one of our backpacks.

Brews 4 Backpacks

The Power Of Social Media

An all digital campaign.

With the power of Social Marketing in our back pocket, we wanted to start and run a philanthropic campaign using strictly the power of the internet. We did 3-months of campaigning and promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also created a Facebook Fundraiser for people outside of Michigan who wanted to get involved.


How YOU Can Get Involved!

1. Party Responsibly

2. Save all your empty cans & bottles.

3. Give us a call & tell us where to pick them up.

Email ( with the title "Brews 4 Backpacks" to get in touch!

(We've made it very simple)

Mike's Marathon

"My higher purpose is hope"

In mid-January 2020, Michael Babicz, one of our partners, learned his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mike ended up putting together a GoFundMe and this incredible campaign manifested itself. The section below is a copy of the letter Mike wrote inviting people to join his family in their battle with breast cancer. 

Mike's Marathon

Did You Know?

1 in 8 women in the US  will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

To my friends and family,


My mother, Maureen Babicz, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. On January 17th, 2020 doctors discovered three malignant phyllode tumors. While she has been strong and resilient, I found myself asking "what can I do to help"?

The Cause:  I have chosen to participate as a member of Team Lynn Sage and fundraise for innovative breast cancer research through the Lynn Sage Scholars Program. The Lynn Sage Scholars are talented, young researchers investigating novel and potentially groundbreaking breast cancer treatments .


The Results: The Lynn Sage Scholars program has proudly invested $1.8 million in 8 different scholars since 2007 from both Rush and Northwestern University hospital systems.


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My Pledge:  Rain, shine, sleet or snow - I will run a marathon on October 11th, 2020 and raise $2,500 to support the eradication of breast cancer.  Major marathons, such as Boston and NYC, have been cancelled for months and Chicago most recently cancelled their marathon as of Monday, July 13th. However, Chicago's decision will not be my decision.


I will be lacing up to fight breast cancer and running 26.2 miles this year. In the spirit of my first marathon, I have not set a time goal for myself. My goal is to simply finish my own race and raise money to support my mom and the 1/8 women who battle breast cancer. October 11th, 2020 will have no medals, no fans, and no formal finish line... but many know a higher purpose for running endurance races.

My higher purpose is hope. Hope for my mom's prognosis and recovery. Hope for the future women and their families, who receive the same news as my mother. I personally believe the fight to end breast cancer cannot wait until next year.


Despite the current COVID-19 concerns,  the National Breast Cancer Foundation estimates there were 268,600 new  invasive breast cancer cases and 41,760 deaths in 2019.  While training for a marathon can be a significant endeavor, it pales in comparison to the risk or difficulty of a breast cancer diagnosis. Please help me reach my personal goal of $2,500, as we work toward our ultimate goal of eradicating breast cancer and heralding hope.

Thank you to all who are considering supporting, donating, or running to end Breast Cancer. Thank you Team Lynn Sage for allowing me to represent your non-profit. Thank you to all the friends, family, and coworkers for your support - both emotionally and monetarily.


Finally, thank you to my parents, especially my Mom, for raising me to be resilient and teaching me to combat opposition with creativity.


The Cipriano Family

Family First

Tanner Cipriano runs #OurBlog here at Wave Media. He's one of the most creative, kind-hearted people out there. Tragedy struck his family in a tough way back in 2012. Ever since then Tanner has been the rock for both his fam and our community.


Please read their story below and if you feel compelled to do something for the family you can learn more on their website.

Cipriano Family

Cipriano Children's Trust

This is a story of Tragedy, Despair, Forgiveness, Faith, Healing, and Community.

The Tragedy began with this description in 2012: “Reading this story will break your heart.  No one in the family can recite the story without breaking into tears.  But here’s what happened: In the early morning hours of April 16, 2012, the lives of Robert “Bob” and Rosemary “Rose” Cipriano and their family changed forever. Bob, a loving husband and devoted father of four children, was attacked and killed in his home. Rose and their 17-year-old son, Salvatore “Sal”, were also severely beaten and critically injured.  But for the courageous 911 call placed by their son Tanner (Sal’s twin brother), he and his 8-year-old sister Isabella would have met the same fate. Tragically, the person responsible for these unspeakable crimes is Bob and Rose’s 19-year old son Tucker.”

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